experts have experience and have performed different projects including projects in various Countries and regions Across the world.

Our GCC Experience :

MEC has worked in the GCC since 2003 and completed almost 100 separate individual projects for most industry leaders:

  • Mobily – Launch support – On the ground commercial projects and resource support Sales, Distribution, Marketing, Product management resources for launch support and build out of national distribution plus tom implementation​
  • Atheeb/GO – License bid support, bid book development, Due Diligence support, financial and technical modeling, Rights issue support​
  • Showtime/OSN – National distribution and sales network development​
  • Du – Rollout management supervise all sub-contractors and manage Turnkey Radio network rollout for NSN network, supply of services and equipment for numerous projects​
  • STC – PMO and other projects​
  • Qtel – PMO planning and implementation of an organization wide PMO (PI)​
  • Etisalat – Merger/DD support for numerous projects​
  • TDIC – Various projects across the region including an Island wide MESH project

 Our African Experience :

  • Chad – Privatization Support (fixed and Mobile operator). Business/strategic planning and investment memorandum. End to end infrastructure inventory/audit, New business plan development, corporate transition planning (public to private), new equipment/vendor tendering & selection for fixed/mobile, staffing and HR competency assessments/organizational right sizing’, legal and regulatory support​
  • DRC – Orascom National infrastructure assessment/audit, project managed site rehabilitation, developed budget requirements for infrastructure dealing with the existing Siemens equipment in service.​
  • Gambia – Network audit and business assessment, 3G+ rollout planning effort, support to re-sell the operation after failed privatization (ongoing project)  ​
  • Mali –  Sotelma Due diligence, network audit, bid book for the tender for sale of Sotelma .  Including complete business plan, operational plan, Network upgrade and vendor expansion plan, confirmed take over management team (interim consultants and migration strategy to permanent staff as per tender) all documentation delivered entirely in French.​
  • Millicom Corporate – Provided CTO interim management services in the countries of Ghana, Senegal, and Tanzania​
  • Sudan – New GSM network planning and rollout support. Tower network aquisition
  • Nigeria – Zain Constructed a National data deployment plan including WiMax and HSDPA strategies, WiMax network and  frequency plans, Capex and Opex budgets and assessment of potential buy versus build opportunities. Deliverables Included  a combined assessment of 3G, WiMax, and Fixed line deployment strategies and frequency related issues for Nigeria​
  • Ivory Coast – Complete GSM launch and build out support​
  • Kenya – Essar established and managed launch PMO effort including (IT, Network, Commercial etc). Provided full  launch team management and utilized our “Fastrack” project tracking procedures and controls.  Directed activity which drove the business through to launch while meeting license requirements.  Current business now branded as “Yu”


Our Asian Experience :

  • Yemen: International traffic network operations and carrier marketing support​ Grey VoIP Mitigation and international traffic strategy ​
  • India: Spice Telecom – Network planning services for multiple projects and programs. Motorola – Fiber rollout support across the country​
  • China: Comsource – Engineering support and network laboratory support​ Yang Heng – Equipment and services planning and Deployment (rail communications)​
  • Thailand: Support to DTAC​
  • Indonesia: Network infrastructure support and tower/power projects​
  • Afghanistan: Network planning and Launch support

Our American Experience :

  • USA – ComSource NSN 2G , 3G & LTE test lab planning, detailed design, build support ​
  • Panama – Radio planning & engineering services for various customers​
  • Verizon – Contract Technical services in various countries in the Americas​
  • Costa Rica – (confidential customer) New license business planning for iDEN network​
  • Costa Rica – Due diligence and network assessment for 2 target customers​
  • Panama – Telecommunications laboratory design support for public/private partnership​
  • Honduras – Grey market bypass solutions support

Our EUROPEAN Experience :

  • T-Mobile GSM Network Swap/Rollout – Germany​ Direct contract T-Mobile, to install (and/or swap existing gear), commission and integrate BSS network across former East Germany​​
  • Swisscom Mobile Microwave Rollout – Switzerland​ Direct contract to Swisscom for the planning, Design, deployment, & commissioning a nationwide microwave backbone network for voice and data traffic. Multi year agreement tendered each year with MEC selected for 4 years in a row.​​
  • RomTelecom – Romania​ Privatization and commercial operations support, interim management resources

Our SATELLITE Experience :

  • Confidential client – Project to assist in the planning for national program to design, plan & launch communications satellites in conjunction with SES Astra​
  • Iraq / Iraqna GSM – Planned, designed, and implemented redundant International Gateway (IGW) via VSAT providing international calling for a network that currently supports over 7M subscribers​
  • Nigeria / WESA Comserv – Earth station implementation Full Turnkey project consisting of   engineering and design support with a full systems build out and ongoing maintenance support for initial period of operations​
  • Libya / Various operators – Deployed 20+ separate VSAT installations of voice and data platforms from 1.2M, 2.4M, 3.8M Ku and C band installations. Installations of full IP and TDM (w/DCME) solutions including installation, commissioning, training and handover to local staff. ​
  • Kenya / Essar – Provided PMO and Project management  support for large dish deployment(s) including build supervision support for voice & data services for internal and commercial sales

Additional Areas Of EXPERTISE:

  • Afghanistan / AFTEL – Turnkey network Launch support (C level) Planning and launch support for new 2G/3G/4G national mobile network including but not limited to: Commercial, PMO, Technical, operations, Customer care, etc.  Including LTE network strategy and planning
  • Afghanistan / Confidential client – Project to assess existing implementation and network designs for large GSM network operator including the provision of network upgrade and migration plan to support national expansion efforts​
  • Afghanistan / AFTEL – Project MEC is providing turnkey interim management and launch planning support for a new GSM/3G network for the Ministry in Kabul​
  • MEC senior management team have held C-Level positions responsible for direct  hands on management of national carrier services in numerous countries including Micronesia, Romania, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, USA and other countries for incumbent carriers.​
  • Kenya / Essar – Provided PMO and Project management  support for large dish deployment(s) including build supervision support for voice & data services for internal and commercial sales